Song EN/Romaji Used in Note Link
夏あじ!!! Natsu Aji!!! Opening, "Subaru's BGM" Contest winner, link is a mirror
You and Me Freetalk (current)
3:03 PM Marshmallow Q&A 20220420
決断の時 Decision Time Typically used with the flames of hell background
3stages ファミコン8bit 3stages Famicom8bit Freshly Debuted Subaru 10min opening BGM
笑横丁 Laughing Lane Also used by Choco, Maimoto
夏の思い出 Summer Memories
Comical Out
まったりしましょ Let's Take It Easy Minecraft (old)
10℃ Freetalk, SC Reading
学校がはじまる感じ Feels Like School's About to Start Freetalk (old)
しゅわしゅわハニーレモン350ml Fizzy Honey Lemon Soda 350ml Freetalk (old)
放課後のおしゃべり After-school Chat Freetalk (old)
シャーロック~捜査、記憶と記録を辿って~ Sherlock~Investigation, Memories and Records~ Oozora Police
まるでサスペンスドラマ~犯人は語る~ Like a Suspense Drama~The Culprit Speaks~ Oozora Police
記念日 Anniversary SC Reading (old)
極東の羊、テレキャスターと踊る Sheep of the Far East, Dancing with the Telecaster Freechat, SC reading (old)
アトリエと電脳世界 Atelier and the Cyber World Freechat, SC reading (old)
あけまして Happy New Year Seasonal, SC reading (seasonal)
清流 Seiryu // Clear Stream Sushi Making
男の魂めんそーれ Man's Soul, Mensore Sushi Making Mensore is Okinawan for "Welcome"
リコーダーマーチ Recorder March Ending From old CPU
南国パラダイス Tropical Paradise Ending (old) Kimagure Cooking BGM
南風 South Wind Ending
Unicorn white Space Food Eating
奇妙なピチカート Strange Pizzicato I want to get closer to ○○-senpai
卒業ソング Graduation Song Occasionally used for emo moments
I'm Trippin' Game Shop Maruyama OP
かしこい猫ですけどなにか問題でもっ? A Smart Cat, But Are There Any Issues? Various, Minecraft Deleted from DOVA
大空建設の社歌 Oozora Kensetsu Company Song Minecraft Source - Embedded audio is a clean version ripped from streams

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