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This section of the website's goal is to improve readers' impressions of Subaru, as well as to provide more information on references that newer fans may not know about. The content here is specific to Subaru and is likely unfit to be on the unofficial hololive wiki or the virtual YouTuber wiki.

Subaru has the unyielding spirit of a true protagonist that allows her to "work hard for the sake of others" and "utilize setbacks as a springboard to spread her wings". She pursued idol activities despite her public perception as a comedian. Without denying either aspect, she indulged in both until the last drop. When she declared that she wanted to be an idol that "any fan would be glad to have supported", a massive number of gachikoi came into being.
-adapted from dic.pixiv.net page on Subaru

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Subaru is naturally extroverted, though she will deny it. She is hardworking, and always optimistic, even in bad situations. She always tries her best and seldom shows vulnerable sides to her viewers, which makes the rare occasions where they break through evoke empathetic feelings in viewers. Subaru is easygoing, optimistic, and very upbeat, which further endears viewers when she shows her true girlish nature. Subaru is regarded as the brightest person in Hololive, a descriptor with multiple meanings. Her bright personality makes newer and introverted members nervous to interact with her at first but also encourages them to leave their shells over time. Furthermore, her title as "the Sun of Hololive" highlights her warm and energizing personality, from stories told by other vtubers describing how talking to and interacting with Subaru had saved them from depressive states or from quitting their vtuber career.


Subaru most recently has gotten into Pokemon, having only a surface-level knowledge of the franchise. Her gushing over her favorite Pokemon Rowlett (Mokuro モクロー in Japanese) highlights her girliness and is objectively cute. Additionally, her genuine reactions to discovering the existence of the competitive side of Pokemon and Pokemon breeding display her innocent views, uncorrupted by the internet.



Subaru fans often say that she "makes any collab work", owing to her ability to entertain an audience and to bring out the best in others. Even on groups that do not make any sense on a surface level, such as SubaChocoLunaTan , work in large part due to Subaru.


Before entering hololive, Subaru was a "normie" who did not know much about otaku culture. She did not play many games or read/watch anime/manga. Since joining hololive, she has been slowly introduced to these hobbies by other talents. Her favorite game genre is RPGs and especially likes games with a pixel art style. She often plays retro games or games released in the early 2000s, stirring up feelings of nostalgia in viewers. During game streams, Subaru likes to speculate and anticipate game story plot points. She often gets very close to the correct plot points, and it is fun as a viewer to listen to her sleuthing and genuine reactions. She gets very invested and excited in stories, which rubs off onto viewers. For example, she played Granblue Fantasy, a mobile gacha RPG with a slave-like competitive mode dreaded by players and done out of obligation. Many fans relayed to her that her playthrough, which focuses on the plot, reinspired and reignited their original love for the game.


Subaru's membership streams are typically free-talk streams. These streams tend to be more relaxed and relatively intimate. She has previously put her karaoke stream archives behind membership, provided wallpapers and other unique contents.


Subaru's fanbase, named Subatomos (Suba-friends, but call it subatomos), often likes to tease her, in a fashion similar to an elementary schoolboy. She interacts with them and is very in-tune with what is happening amongst them. She claims that she watches her long-time fans and silently judges them when they interact with other hololive members on Twitter. For overseas Subatomos, Subaru understands the frustration of being unable to understand what people are saying due to the language barrier, due to her own frustration while trying to watch interviews with Marvel actors. She stays up late every week before her morning stream to create an English translation for those who cannot understand Japanese.

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