Ajimaruya-san (WIP)

Art by @yu_aono

Subaru's opening greeting, "Ajimaru!", is an accented/cute way of saying "Hajimaru," はじまる, meaning "it's starting!"

At the end of 2021, a comment calling Subaru an "Ajimaruya-san" left her confused (the comment was likely made due to the way she exclaims "Ajimaru!" in a similar to this adtruck). She began referring to herself as an Ajimaruya-san, or an ajimaru seller.

When asked by Okayu what an Ajimaruya shoots, Subaru replied "energy and courage."

In a 常MOS collab, Towa became a Konyappiya-san (Towa's opening greeting is "Konyappi!").

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