Meat Bun Incident

Subaru with the eponymous meat buns

The Meat Bun Incident was an aborted stream where Subaru planned to taste and review convenience store meat buns.

In the (now privated) stream on November 10th, 2019, Subaru bought meat buns from Family Mart, 7-Eleven, Lawson, and Mini Stop (four of Japan's most popular convenience store chains) to review and rank. Her review of the first three buns went smoothly, but the stream went off the rails for the Mini Stop bun. Subaru apparently did not like the taste and was attempting to describe this in polite language when the stream abruptly ended.

Subaru later confirmed that the cut was not the result of a YouTube- nor a Hololive-imposed ban, but that she lost internet connection. In a later stream (also privated), Subaru apologized and revealed that her mother had cut their internet when she realized what Subaru was doing. The whole stream idea was rather dubious for directly naming and speaking about the companies, but if she had negatively reviewed one of their products, it might have limited her opportunities for sponsorships and collaborations. Her mother had "saved [Subaru's] life as a Vtuber from burning."

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