PekoSuba Prank War

"The duel to the death has always been ongoing..."

-Usada Pekora

The PekoSuba Prank War, also known as the Minecraft Prank War, is a sporadic series of pranks, trolling, and retaliation between herself and (mainly) Usada Pekora, and mainly on the JP Minecraft server.

Remember that Pekora and Subaru are good friends, and this is all in good fun.


A few notable incidents on the Hololive Minecraft server are as follows:

Invisibility Prank: On September 26th, 2020, Pekora pranked Subaru [clip] [stream] using an invisibility potion and splash potion of damage as Subaru was attempting to use TTT. Two days later, Pekora constructed a dummy TNT trap with pressure plates to fool Subaru [clip] [stream]. The two played a "death game" walking on the plates in turn until Subaru realized there was no TNT. Pekora presented her with an apology goods chest, which was actually trapped and subsequently exploded.

Firework Trap: On October 13th, 2020, Pekora constructed a firework trap in the Oozora Construction headquarters, which killed Subaru [clip] [stream]. She attempted to retaliate by filling the ground underneath Pekora's penguin building with chickens and burning netherrack, but accidentally burned it down.

Shubangelion: On November 10th, 2020, as Subaru was building Shubangelion, Pekora shot it with flaming arrows [clip] [stream]. While the statue didn't burn, Subaru was alarmed enough to fall to her death. She retaliated by building a flaming pile of poop behind Pekodam, so that it looked like it had defecated. The next day, Sakura Miko built her head on the unfinished Shubangelion and rechristened it "Mikongelion" [clip] [stream]. When Subaru found it the day after, she removed the head, completed Shubangelion, and made it hold Pekora's and Miko's severed heads in its hands [clip] [stream].

Christmas Prank War: On December 24th, 2020, Pekora built a piston train designed and convinced Subaru to ride it (coincidentally, Subaru happened to be making a fake TNT trap for Pekora at the time) [clip] [stream]. The train was designed to run straight into a hoop of TNT. Unfortunately, the trap broke, causing Subaru to think it was just to scare her.

War is Renewed: On October 6th, 2021, Subaru was scared by Pekora's Pandora's Box trap. The two later ran into each other while touring the EN server, and Pekora pushed Subaru down a well (the portal back to the JP server) to see if she would die [clip] [stream]. Subaru later killed Pekora for trying to trap her in the IQ test.

Burning Duck April Fool's: Around April 1st, 2022, Pekora hatched a plan to burn down a replica of Subaru's duck, and filmed Haachama dumping lava on it while stating her burning desire to be caught by Oozora Police. When Subaru logged onto the JP server to investigate, Pekora attacked her while invisible, and caused her to fall into a number of traps (originally constructed Haachama, but upgraded and repurposed by Pekora) [clip][stream].

Subaru is currently constructing a fireworks trap near the EN portal, but she has no definitive plans to finish it.

Other Games

The antagonistic behavior between Subaru and Pekora also extends to other games, such as when Pekora caged Subaru and Noel in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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