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OhaSuba is Subaru's regular Saturday morning zatsudan (chatting) stream. The name is a portmanteau of "ohayo" (good morning) and Subaru.

Subaru began OhaSuba streams almost as soon as her debut, but many were made private. The first archived stream is available here.

Regular Content

Aside from reading chat and responding to viewers, Subaru talks about a variety of topics in each stream. She will typically review her week, telling stories of meetings with other Hololive talents, and idol activities such as recording sessions and dance lessons. She will often go on tangents during the stream or during superchat reading.

Subaru will often show an English-translated summary made by herself with help from machine translation but recently had an official translator create them.

Guest Appearances

Guest appearances on OhaSuba are rare but have occurred in the past for the summer holidays:

Shiranui Flare Aug 7, 2021
‌‌Shishiro Botan Aug 14, 2021
‌‌‌‌Hoshimachi Suisei Aug 21, 2021
‌‌Akai Haato Sep 4, 2021

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