Sheep Killing Technique (WIP)

The Oozora Subaru Sheep Killing Technique 「大空スバル式羊殺し」 (a.k.a. Oozora Subaru Neck & Back Breaker) is a wrestling move coined by Great O' Khan of New Japan Pro-Wrestling World. It is based on a hologra episode in which Subaru chokes Watame.

The appearance of the technique in real life came as a surprise, as it was unprompted with no prior interactions between O' Khan/NJPW and Subaru/Cover. O' Khan is (an) ahijo, addressing Subaru on Twitter as Subaru-hime (princess), Hololive fan, and general anime otaku.

Subaru discovered the move and shared it on a morning stream on March 20, 2021. She was excited, as she usually is when she gains popularity outside of the Vtuber sphere.

<insert watame reaction>

A t-shirt was sold in a collab between Hololive & NJPW, as well as a limited edition Weiss Schwarz card.

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