Subatomo Factions & The Great Subatomo War

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The Great Subatomo War/Subatomo Civil War/Subatomo Factions refers to lighthearted disagreement between Subatomos that favor one or more aspects of Subaru over others. There are also fans who embrace all aspects of Subaru equally (neutral faction).

Subaru sometimes refers to this split as the "Skywall," a reference to the wall in Kamen Rider that splits an entire country (also seen as fitting the literal translation of Oozora (大空) to "Big Sky").

Any actual "conflict" is friendly and positive, limited to how loudly fans champion their particular faction, as actually insulting or disparaging any aspect of Subaru is anathema to Subatomos.

Subaru plans to have a stream pitting each faction's responses against certain questions.[1]

Aspect Factions

Gag/Comedian Subaru: Making jokes or acting as a tsukkomi (straight man) in collabs.

Duck Subaru: Speaking in her "Donald Duck"/ASMR voice, or making funny noises (often used to dub over footage of actual ducks).

Girly Subaru: Acting cute, embracing her girly side, and speaking in her real ASMR voice.

Subatani: Male persona used in FAMS, and speaking in an ikemen (handsome) voice.

Idol Subaru: Acting as an upbeat, pure idol, especially during her karaoke streams or 3D Live performances

Appearance/Hairstyle Factions

The Skywall representing the divide between hairstyles

Subatomos are also divided over which appearance of Subaru they favor:

Short-Haired Subaru: Subaru's original hairstyle, close-cropped above the shoulders. Objectively the best hairstyle.

Long-Haired Subaru: Waist-length hair that Subaru acquired with her casual outfit. Objectively the best hairstyle.

Twin Tail Subaru: Shoulder-length twin tails, another new hairstyle acquired with her casual outfit. Both this and Long-Haired Subaru are often associated with Girly Subaru. Objectively the best hairstyle.

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